Bartolomeo Griglio,  Chiara Masia, Claudio Maggi


 Dott.ssa M.Gulino - S.C. Igiene Alimenti e Nutrizione (Nutrition and Food Safety Department)

Dott. Enrico Maria Ferrero - S.C. vet area A (Animal Health)

Dottor G. Sattanino - S.C. vet area B (Food Inspection)

Not yet appointed   - S.C. vet area C (Feed and Animal Welfare)

Dottoressa I. Casonato - Microbiology and Foodborne Ilnessess - Department of Clinical Pathology

Dottoressa L. Albano - Health Education

Professoressa T. Civera - Institute of Inspection and Food Safety - Faculty of Vetrinary Medicine of Torino

Professoressa C. Zotti - Department of Public Health - Faculty of Medicine of Torino

Dottoressa L. Decastelli - Food Control Lab - Institute of Animal Husbandry of Torino

Dottor S. Ramella - Department of Psichology - University of Torino

Professor I. Zoccarato - Department of Zootechny - Faculty of Agricolture of Torino


Roberta Goi - DVM, - Local Health Unit TO5 (ASL TO5)

Ada Lorenzo  - psychologist freelance

Valentina Marotta - DVM,- Fellowship in Risk Communication - 

Giuseppe Sattanino - DVM, - Local Health Unit TO5 (ASL TO5)

Ugo Tanti - Doctor- Local Health Unit TO5 (ASL TO5)

Alessandro Testa  - DVM

Silvia Marro - DVM

Lorenzo Pezzoli - Dr Lorenzo Pezzoli, Epidemiologist Consultant for WHO

Francesca Piovesan- Local Health Unit TO5 (ASL TO5)

British Standards Institution

Webpage and local magazine “News and information on food safety"

Editorial Direction

Dottor Chiara Masia


Scientific Direction

Dottor B. Griglio, dottor C. Maggi


Editorial Committee

Massimiliano Bassoli, Roberta Goi, Valentina Marotta, Chiara Masia, Giuseppe Sattanino, Ezio Stecich

 Editorial Secretary



Valentina Marotta